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“Simple Man” is an inspiring rock song with a touching message. Fans who have not had the opportunity to listen to the track can expect to hear heartwarming guitar melodies and Nick’s soul-stirring vocals. “Simple Man” is an entertaining performance which will reveal an authentic perspective on love and life.

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Nick Lamb’s Getting High Off You and Simple Man Singles Review

Nick Lamb Singles

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Nick Lamb releases two new rock-n-roll singles, ‘Gettin’ High Off You’ and ‘Simple Man.’

Artist: Nick Lamb: vocals and rhythm and bass guitars lead; Steve Harding: additional bass; Johnson Zhang: drums

Singles: ‘Getting High off You’ and ‘Simple Man’

Producer: Nick Lamb

Classic rock-n-roll songs aren’t often known to be tender and celebratory of a powerful and all-encompassing emotional life. But alt-pop-rock singer-songwriter Nick Lamb’s latest two singles, ‘Gettin’ High Off You’ and ‘Simple Man,’ emotionally praise his wife and the impact of her love on his existence. The Riverside, California-based guitarist has masterfully crafted heartfelt songs which prove that he pens music from the passions of the heart. The tracks also dynamically show how he appreciates the happiness and support his wife brought him, especially before he realized on his own that living fast and partying wasn’t bringing him true fulfillment. The tunes memorably express the importance of love in the quest to be free and happy, and are heartfelt tributes to simplicity of true connections.

‘Gettin’ High Off You’ immediately begins with classic rock-n-roll drum beats, guitar riffs and vocals that feature Lamb sentimentally claiming that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the woman he loves. While he admits that his friends didn’t promptly agree with his instant connection with her, he adamantly insists that she’s the fix he needs to feel better in life. With it’s 1990s rock influence laced throughout the instrumentals, lyrics and vocals, the song has the potential to be a compelling score for a feel-good movie scene about a true romantic connection.

The musician’s other new single, ‘Simple Man,’ is an inspiring rock track that also features a compassionate message. Led by exhilarating guitar melodies and soul-bearing and intimate vocals, the tune features a distinct and unique insight into love. Slower and more sentimental than ‘Gettin’ High Off You,’ Lamb remorsefully admits on ‘Simple Man’ that he’s unable to pamper the woman he loves with lavish gifts, and feels that maybe love is the only thing they need to be happy. The song’s sentimental vibe takes inspiration from such bands as Staind that revolutionized the rock genre in the early-to-mid aughts.

Lamb powerfully offers an authentic perspective on love and life with his two latest singles, ‘Gettin’ High Off You’ and ‘Simple Man.’ He emotionally reminds his listeners that love is not all about what the other person can do for them, but is instead about genuine friendship and affection. The heartfelt and calming lyrics, vocals and instrumentation relatably delve into the struggles that many people often contend with as they try to navigate their romantic relationships. The unique tracks truly embody the spirit of both classic and contemporary rock-n-roll, as Lamb reminds his listeners to truly cherish their genuine connections.

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